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Project Management

SIP provides total project management and coordination services by combining two vital components of its organizational strength:

  • A Project team staffed with committed and exceptional technical personnel

  • Skilled engineering specialists who expertly support the project team.

Assigning a dedicated Project Manager and a totally integrated team to the Project, is the first step taken at SIP when assigned a Project of any size.


The key to the success of the team is the experience of the Project Manager, who is directly accountable to the customer for the execution of the project and has the necessary management skills and authority to control all facets of the job. While every effort is made to maintain control over quality, cost, and schedule to meet project needs, it is the prime task of the project team to ensure customer satisfaction.


The project teams are supported by SIP corporate functions available in the permanent structure providing adequate systems and tools. Project Management methodologies such as Risk and Opportunities Management system and Lessons Learnt policy are applied on all projects as well as HR tools such as soft skills development seminars and team-building exercises in order to maximize the use of the variety of experiences and talents mobilized on the same project.


The flexibility of SIP open-space areas enables the task force set-up, gathering all required disciplines into one single working platform hence enhancing the communication within the team.


SIP has the track record and systems necessary to pursue and deliver fast-track and complex projects. As projects continue to grow in size and complexity, SIP has the resources, technical capabilities and systems to meet the demands of the growing industry needs, with up to 1,000,000 manhours per year managed on projects